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Die Hard-Turtle Style

TMTPC, Feb 2, 11 6:41 AM.
Michael Scotties,

the Turtle has been a bane to our cause for far too long. We shall not stand idly by while an evil green reptile does ... uhm ... does ... well ... does evil things! Enough, I say! Let us kill the green thingy on Sunday, February 6th at 3PM GMT.

Here's the catch, Scotties: The turtle is really big and really nasty. And did I mention it's big? Think Thargrim's ego and multiply it by two (you can also take Skelf's arse and multiply it by 1.3) - that's how how big it is. In other words: The Turtle is a 12 man raid and needs some preparations:

- If you want to participate (and you know that you want, cause there'll be muchos loot and even more muchos fame), please let me know in this thread and be on time on Sunday.

- You need to be level 58+

- You need to bring power pots and health pots appropriate to your level (read: don't bring that level 30 pot cause you stumbled across it in your vault)

- You need to bring regen food appropriate to your level (read: if I see anyone gnawing on level 14 zwieback, I'll send Thargrim to marry his sister)

- You need to read up on the instance so that you're familiar with the basic strategy. A detailed strategy will be posted during the week, but please check it out online beforehand. If you have questions, ask them!

- Moria gear will be of considerable help due to the acid resistence

Spots will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis with some necessary restrictions:

- Two spots will be reserved for tanks (Thargrim holds one)
- Two spots will be reserved for healers (Hercy holds one)
- One spot will be reserved for yours truly

Questions? Ask away! And praise Grem for this neat little of ours while you're at it!

Your partner in Turtle Crime

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TMTPC, Feb 1, 11 12:13 PM.
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